Premium Cotton Pillow- শিমুল তুলা বালিশ

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Premium Quality Sleeping Pillow

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Premium Quality Sleeping Pillow

¤  How We Measure Up:- 18" X 26" stated here as Standard

¤  Filling Material:- Filled with Silk Cotton [Premium Quality]

¤  Outer Fabric:- 100% Cotton Shell Piping-stitched

¤  Color Profile:- Snow White

¤  Comfort:- Soft for Best Comfort

¤  Properties:- Non-Allergenic

¤  Packaging:- Transparent PP carry-bag with non-oven lining [Gift Pack]

¤  Care Instructions:- Dry Wash

¤  Production Country:- Bangladesh

** Be proud using Bangladeshi products as Hometex Bangladesh ensures the finest quality manufacturing procedures **

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