Our Story

Our Story
We believe in innovation, simplification, modernization, implementing something extraordinary that wasn’t adopted before ...

With this idea, we had started our journey to find exceptional homey stuffs in order to deliver them to everyone’s fingertip through our up-growing platform. We want to turn HOUSES into HOMES and TRANSACTIONS into RELATIONSHIPS. That’s why we are trying to upgrade everything about the Home Textile world like- what types of things you desire, choose for your home, how you purchase them, use them and when you upgrade them.
When it comes to customer commitment, not many companies are as hyper-focused as Hometex Bangladesh is. Although clothing selection, quality and value all have a place in the company’s mission statement; it’s crystal clear that it’s all about YOU [the customer]. "We’ll never let you down”-providing the most compelling shopping experience possible.
If you've ever shopped at our e-store, you'll know the brand will uphold the high standard for customer service mentioned in its mission statement. With all the demands on our time in today’s' busy lifestyle, home stuffs shopping should be a pleasure rather than a chore. Well, now it is with YOUR online Home-textile store. No more trekking from store to store, trolling through isles and isles of brandished homey products to find what YOU want. Just browse our website and shop.

Our Vision
“Utilizing the opportunities to make a real difference in all aspects of our customer relationships globally”
To become the most reliable online home-textile shopping portal of choice, while maintaining a localised service offering. To create social responsibility programmes with our customers to uplift the local communities we operate in by conducting social welfare activities.

At Hometex Bangladesh, we cherish a bigger dream of establishing our company as one of the leading retail brand chain shops for home-textile products in the country within next couple of years by promoting sustainable and unparalleled levels of retail experience.

Mission Statement
“Hometex Bangladesh is devoted to achieve consistent improvement in the system of providing products & services to the customers through On Time Delivery & Enhancing Customers Satisfaction by means of Quality and Value."
The company’s mission is to offer stylish, great, affordable premium quality home textile stuffs to our customers. We want to offer an online, easy to use, cost effective, quality guaranteed, service orientated home textile purchasing method for everyone including local housewives, self-dependent female persons, gift purposes, small business and corporate houses. Locally based service and community responsibility, coupled with purchasing convenience are the cornerstones of our business model.

Our professional dedicated team is highly concerned about fabrics selection while developing any of the products. All the items are going to be shipped in your hand after conducting the best quality control possible, as well. Our company highly focuses on customer satisfaction alongside profit orientation.

Our Core Values

Hometex Bangladesh cares for its staffs who are solely customer oriented. We believe in employee’s belongingness to the company, being committed to the company growth. We prioritise gender equality, maintaining good relation with the community, to play role in social corporate responsibilities and sustainability.

Open To All

We are open to all members of the community; everyone can shop and anyone can become an owner.


We are committed to sustainable business practices that ensure we are a resource for the community for generations to come.
Being reputable & honest by standing behind the promises and working ethically as well as legally.
To be aware of our responsibilities, to take the necessary measures in time in order to provide the best services in the name of responding to all the expectations and needs of internal and external customers in the field of service by being customer-oriented.
Being Different
Business is basically not only to continue but also to bring new value-added solutions.
By exhibiting a positive attitude to changing conditions effectively, to be flexible and have a creative perspective.
Team Spirit
To achieve the company goals by working consistently and efficiently.
Thank You
Hometex Bangladesh Manufactory